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Do a First Look!

Wedding Advice From a Photographer

Ok, so whether it’s me who shoots your wedding or not; I’m going to offer you the best piece of advice any wedding photographer can offer you. Absolutely you should do a first look.

If you aren’t planning on doing a first look; here is why you should reconsider.

  1. Do a first look because it’s an extra beautiful scene your wedding photographer can set up and capture for you. A skilled wedding photographer can compose the scene, put you in it and give the couple one of the most gorgeous memories of the day. A first look is a really beautiful way for the couple to reveal themselves to each other, and the reasons to do a first look don’t stop there. 
  2. Do a first look because it moves the day along in a significant way. What do I mean by this? Your wedding photographer has a lot of work to do; we have to shoot family formals, bridal party, and posed couple shots besides all the key moments throughout the day; we really can’t get started with any of that until we’re able to put you guys together in one scene. I can remember so many weddings where we are literally sitting around wasting the good light waiting for the ceremony so we can start the main portions of the formal photography. The workflow is compressed when we don’t do the first look.
  3. Do a first look so you (and your bridal party) can enjoy the cocktail hour. It’s typical that formal photos are taken during cocktail hour when the couple decides against a first look. It’s your cocktail hour and you should want to be there to decompress and relax after all the day’s early festivities. The group can’t relax until all the formals are done, so definitely do a first look!

So in conclusion, if you don’t want an extra beautiful scene, you don’t want a more relaxed spread-out photography itinerary and you don’t want to attend your cocktail hour; don’t do a first look on your wedding day!

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